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Below are some of the refreshing ideas in the Loving Living magazine, WhatIsLoveAndHappiness.com. This Content Tab gives you an overview, just like a table of contents in a printed magazine. To read the articles, click on the Tabs above or on the Titles below. They will lead you into a world of enticing possibilities.


Ideas to help your physical self feel happy, exploring fitness for your body, mind and soul.

Light Exercise
Exercise is movement, no matter where or how you do it.

True Health and Fitness are More Than Physical
Mental, emotional and spiritual fitness are essential.

Weight Loss: No Drugs, No Stress
Natural weight loss can be a breeze.

Natural Beauty and Anti-Aging Breakthroughs
Decrease wrinkles & increase from the inside out.


Stay young in attitude and body. Expand your views of life, come to a deeper understanding of the emotions, and learn how to treat yourself better.

The Happy Emotions Take Over
Get on the bandwagon for this great change that’s happening.

Meditation is Your Friend
Meditation cuts through stress and anxiety like a hot knife through butter.

The Real Pursuit of Happiness
Be a real American: get happy!

What’s Your Attitude Toward Aging?
Can you reverse the aging process? Here’s the truth that can set you free.


Your personal life is constantly unfolding. Expect more of life, because the truth is you’ll get what you expect.

The Renewal of the American Spirit: The Real Pursuit of Happiness

The Happy Marriage

What Are the Hidden Truths About Love and Its Mysteries?

The Gift of Gut Intuition

The Surprising Definitions of Happiness
It’s a gosh-darn shame that the dictionary and thesaurus know more about the true nature of happiness than our current society does.

Can You Always Be Happy?
Yes – but!

The Search for Happiness
Say hello to your inner Self.

Happiness Revealed – A Poem
“Happiness is Love felt and experienced emotionally.”

The Gift of Gut Intuition
Does intuition have hidden pitfalls?

Why Do We Desire Love and Happiness?
Discover your deep underlying drives.

The Mystery of Love – A Poem
Where is the Love you are seeking?

The Happy Marriage
Marriage is a mystery. It belongs to the heart.

Happy You, Happy Friends
Relationships grow and evolve just like the self should.

Self-Help Books – AmazonScouts.com
Treat yourself with eye-opening information.

Volunteer – Help Homeless Children
We make a living by what we do, we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill


Why Does Our World Need More Women in Media?

How Can Women Use Skills of Intuition to Make Worklife Better for All?

Every Woman Can Make a Big Difference!

Women Entrepreneurship in the New Era of Positivity


Did you know that fun might be the most important part of your life? What is this Celebration Revolution?

Laughter is Good for Your Health
What does science say about laughter?

Happiness and Celebration: the Basis of the New Era
Have you noticed the Celebration Emotional Revolution that’s coming to you right now?


Currently there is such a tendency to settle for eating fast food and processed foods. Can’t you hear your body saying no! no! no! no!

Food to Love that Helps your Body Feel Happy
If you’re wondering how you’ll ever get used to healthier food, don’t worry, help is here.

Do You Know How to Eat the Way Your Body Wants You To?
Should you eat slowly?

Easy Healthy Recipes that Taste Good
Savor these healthy recipes that’ll have your body saying yes.


Feel the comfort, freedom and satisfaction of being more in charge of your life.

Can We Be Self-Sufficient Easily?
Is the dependency addiction costing people their happiness and freedom?

Your House and Your Self-Reliance
Create a happy relationship with the house you live in.

Green Living: Is Your House Toxic?
Common products can have unfriendly side effects.

Want to Socialize While You Grow Your Own Food?
Community gardens are calling you!

A Car That Runs on Air is Not Just a Dream
Is someone trying to hide the air car?


Energize your life with these dynamic, life-changing projects!

Happiness Quiz & 30-Day Workout

Face, Erase & Replace Workout

What is Happiness? Workout

Building Paradise Workout

Month-Long Happiness Workout:
Messages that Inspire


Find products that enliven you. Here you’ll find products that we and/or our friends use and like.

Rejuvenation from the Inside Out
An amazing, scientifically proven way to naturally reset the aging process.

How Can You Possibly Manage to Eat the Recommended 13 Fruits and Veggies Every Day?
This challenge no longer need be daunting.

Finding Health at Home – The Natural Way
Discover information about natural healing remedies.
Acid Reflux
High Blood Pressure
A-Z Remedies
Weight Loss

You’ll find a wide variety of Q & A’s that can add substance to your desire for happiness.

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