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Women & Positivity

  WomanThrive:   The Pervasive Influence of the Media. Women can become a strong positive influence on what’s portrayed in entertainment, which often includes a swamp of negative and violent programming. We see negativity portrayed so frequently that it can start to feel normal. In what ways would your view of the world be enhanced if [...]

WomanThrive:  Unleash the Power of Intuition! What uniquely female talent can women bring to the table in business and government? Intuition. From their experience, women value intuition. Intuition comes from the soul! Unless they’ve been pulled into male patterns, women don’t insist on itemized mental reasons or researched proof. Intuition is extremely useful in making decisions [...]

WomanThrive:  One Woman! Big Changes! Sometime we aren’t sure how we could have much impact on our community, our nation or the world. Could we really touch people we’re not directly interacting with? Yes! Because of the Internet, we can have world-wide influence. However, there is also a more mysterious way – a way that's [...]

WomanThrive:  A New Definition of Businesswoman. There is a reason you’ve been attracted to the message I’ll be sharing about this unparalleled era, an era where women can and MUST take leadership in the world. You might have started your own business, or you might be a businesswoman within a company, or a businesswoman within your [...]