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Forever Young

Are you out of date? People are being fooled. You need to know the truth now. What you believe about ageing probably needs total revision. I am very serious about this. I’m sure you have already started this remodeling process. You probably don’t view getting older like your parents do. We are in the process [...]

Want to feel less stressed and be more able to juggle all the responsibilities you’re faced with in your life?  Is your mind always racing through many thoughts all at one time? Are you being pushed around by the busy brain syndrome? Stress can flood your nervous system with chemicals that prepare you for “fight [...]

Get on the bandwagon for this great change that’s happening. Positive thinking is a very precious gift you can give yourself. It is a treasure that is often overlooked. You can choose to stay young and vital in your attitudes and views of life regardless of how many years you have been on this earth. [...]