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Happiness Workouts

The following thirty Happiness Messages hold layers of wisdom and inspiration that can be applied easily and be part of your daily life. Here’s how this empowering project works for you: Focus on one of these thirty “Happiness Messages” each day for one month. As reminders, write that day’s message on several pieces of paper and [...]

  1.    Face Up to a Situation: Imagine and visualize yourself in a difficult situation, a situation you don’t like. Perhaps this is an event that happened or one that you are concerned might happen. Picture yourself with any people involved in the situation. This aggravating situation stirs up negative thoughts and feelings. Courageously FACE [...]

HAPPINESS QUIZ How happy are you? Find out now. A self-analysis of your happiness can provide very useful information. It's easy. You'll have more clarity about what areas of your life you intend to change. Knowing this information can provide the extra nudges you need to make your days get better and better. You'll get [...]