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Would you like to foster our true American way of life?  The U.S. Declaration of Independence says that we are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pursuing happiness does not mean to chase after it like some distant goal. People tend to think they can’t experience happiness right away. They tend to [...]

Marriage is a Mystery. It Belongs to the Heart. In a marriage, there are ups and downs. It is important to make sure that you understand this, and that you and your spouse are able and willing to work through everything that comes your way. Too many couples divorce simply because they think it would [...]

Why is Love So Important? Why does everyone desire love and happiness?. What is the difference between love and happiness?  This was puzzling me for a long time. When I felt love and happiness, they felt very similar. Then one day, my deep inner self, the part that is closely connected to a deeper spiritual [...]

Does intuition have hidden pitfalls? Do you sometimes get intuitive flashes that feel compelling? When you do, is it easy for you to follow them? This society highly values reason and logic. Intuition often presents a different perspective. If you feel caught between the two, how do you decide which perspective to follow? I believe [...]

Yes – but! You may already know this, but it is important always to remember to have a good outlook on life at all times. This of course does not mean that everything is always going to go your way, or that bad things in life are not going to happen. If bad things come [...]

What is the definition of happiness? It’s a gosh-darn shame that the dictionary and thesaurus know more about the true nature of happiness than our current society does. Currently, people tend to believe that their happiness comes from external circumstances, the new car, the better job, the lovely girlfriend. The truth is that happiness is [...]