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Fabulous Fitness

How Much Do You Love Your Body? Body, Mind and Emotions:  Your body is the home for your individual self, the home for who you are. Do you need to treat it better? Your body is the home for your consciousness, your spiritual yearnings and your emotions. Your body provides your way to express in [...]

Movement Exercise - No Matter Where or How You Move,                       You ARE Exercising! One of the quickest ways to improve your mental state is through exercise. Luckily you don't need an extensive gym or exercise equipment to do this. Here are a few great ideas to increase your well being. Have you heard [...]

Mental, emotional and spiritual fitness are essential. When we think of fitness, we tend to think only of physical fitness.  However, psychological fitness, emotional fitness and spiritual fitness play primary roles in our personal health and fitness When we are fit at all three levels, our physical health is in bloom. When we're not fit at all [...]