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FAQ about Happiness and Living a Loving Life

Hi from Leilani,

I realize that the articles on this website include in-depth, thought-provoking ideas and viewpoints that might be a challenge to the way you presently look at life. Good.

Please email me questions that may arise for you when you read the articles and do the projects here. I’ll study your questions and respond to those that are frequently asked. I look forward to helping you get your questions answered.


Q. I keep hoping I will be happy soon. I thought that when I finally accomplished my financial goals I’d be happy. Not so. Now what?

A. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Happiness is not a question of: ‘I’ll be happy when I do this or that or earn more money or find a partner.’

It is a process of learning to know yourself, respect yourself and be gentle and kind to yourself. This helps you tap into your inner source of happiness that is always there waiting to be noticed and received.

You might not believe, yet, that it is your innate nature to be happy. Just keep committed to searching for that part of yourself and that inner consciousness will come forward more and more. Ask it to reveal itself to you.

There is a useful question that you can repeatedly ask yourself. Just say,
“Hi Inner True Self!  What do I need to do today to have you reveal more of yourself to me?”

And as the insights come forward, please remember to say: “Thank you for revealing yourself to me.”



Q. For years I have believed that finding my ideal mate is going to make me happy. I keep searching. Where is that person?

A.  That person is waiting for you right around the corner. But they can’t recognize you yet, because you are not yet the person you were meant to be at this time in your life. There’s some catching up needed. You probably sense that, don’t you?

This is not to put all the burden of growth on you. Your ideal mate also might have a lot of changing to do.

If they have not shown up yet, you have to look inside. You are not yet ready. Use this time to have fun with your personal growth. There are experiences you need first. So get ready to face what you need to learn.
I know you might not like to hear this.

However, when you are ready, your soul mate does show up in your life. You don’t even have to look for that person, and at first you might not even like them very much. On the other hand, you could fall in love immediately.

I have shared insights about the true nature of happiness in my ebook, How to Find Happiness – The Shocking Truth. Go to the box in the left-hand column for your free copy. Peruse it. Mull over it. You’ll find ways to feel more happiness in your life, and that is one way that is bound to bring your soul mate to you sooner.



Q. A person who made me happy for many years is no longer in my life. I’m having trouble regrouping.

A. Happiness is different for each person. Also, you have many ways to experience happiness. Happiness does not come from someone else. Happiness is found within you. Sometimes that is very difficult to believe because the inner happiness has been clouded over with many traumatic events big and small.

Of course, other people can trigger your happiness. But it’s actually yours. If you are not in touch with your own inner happiness, no matter what someone else does, you won’t feel very happy for long. If it’s not your own inner happiness, it’s not sustainable. You’ve probably experienced this occurring in your life at times.

So, it’s not that the other person MADE you happy. You allowed your happiness to surface by what they were doing or saying.

Check this out; ask your intuition:
“Is there is already a sense of happiness deep within me?”

Eventually, that answer will be Yes! Why? Because that is the true nature of humanity. We are just beginning to realize this.

Once you get the Yes, ask your inner self:
“What can I do that will help me feel happy today?”
Regularly make this the first question you ask yourself when you wake up.

This will successfully help you sprint forward on your regrouping path.



Q. I’m having trouble sticking with eating food that I’ve been told is good for me. I’m not sure I even want to bother. Any advice?

A. Your body needs you! You wouldn’t ignore your child, would you? Your body deserves even more attention because nourishing your physical body provides you with the energy to be able to help yourself and others.

You could probably benefit from an entire mental remodeling about the value of what you eat and its impact on you. If you don’t nourish your body, there are consequences I’m sure you’d rather avoid. True?

Please do read through the sections on this website about #Fabulous Fitness and #Food to Love.



Email me your questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
I’ll regularly write responses to a selection of them. Leilani

Join the Happiness Way of Life.
You deserve it. The world deserves it.

Let’s Go For Loving Living,