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Are you an adventurer in personal and spiritual growth who wants to get to the next level of your journey?  I have been through many experiences that could help you broaden your understanding and deepen your commitments. I’d love to help you have the breakthroughs you desire.

I’m the author of God Is Love and the founder and director of the WomanThrive Movement that empowers women to improve their personal and professional skills. In 1995 I formed Welcome Home Ministries as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help people feel Welcomed Home to becoming their true spiritual self. The impact of positivity has always amazed me, and I’ve dedicated myself to blazing new trails for it — because when people start choosing the positive, their lives, and the lives of people around them, transform radically. At the end of this section, you can find out more about Welcome Home Ministries and its mission.

My personal experience of the power of Love has helped me develop my ability to interact intuitively with my Higher Self, and I enjoy being a “Love Wins” coach and seminar leader, sharing what I’ve learned and helping people get more of what they want out of life as they fulfill their personal destinies. I work with men and women alike, yet often focus on empowering females who are committed to personal and spiritual growth and are ready to go to their next level. I especially target damaging beliefs that hold people down. Without such beliefs, people soon find themselves creating more of their heart’s desires.


I was born into a very small family in a small town in Pennsylvania. I had no siblings and very few relatives. My only remaining grandparent was in her mid-90’s when I was born.

One night, when I was about four years old, Grandma unexpectedly called all the relatives together. She was not ill, and so everyone was surprised when she announced that she wanted to say a final goodbye. Everyone objected, but she explained that God had told her she was going to die that night. Grandma was right. She never woke up the next morning.

This experience made quite an impact on me. From an early age, I knew there is much more to life than what we see three-dimensionally.

I had my first job at age 20, at a heavy equipment manufacturer, setting prices for spare parts for huge one-of-a-kind turbines and compressors. I was a one-member department, and it was the first time a lady had ever ben in charge. I was on my own, with no one training or checking up on me. There was little data available to set these prices, because each one of the machines was unique. To make it more challenging, office computers did not exist, and so stored data was not accessible like it is nowadays.

An enlightening experience occurred three years later when I was leaving the job to go to college. I found out that when I was running the spare parts department, it was one of the very few times this department had ever made a profit.

This showed me that my success must have been based on intuition, because it surely was not based on data, training or supervision! That was how intuition got promoted to a more important position in my life.

When I was in my early 20s, I felt sick one day and went to a doctor. I was shocked when he said he thought I’d just had a heart attack and sent me to the hospital immediately. They started giving me tests, and when one of the tests started going awry, they realized it was killing me and they reversed course. The next day, the doctor apologized for the trouble they had caused me and reassured me I did not have any heart problems.

I have not been back to medical doctors since then. By the way, when I was fifteen, my mother was hospitalized for a bad case of the flu. She never got out of that hospital alive because she died of  septicemia, blood poisoning, which she contracted in the hospital. My observation is that if you want to get sick, go to a hospital. It’s amazing how much data there is that points out the dangers of being exposed to hospitalization. The media seldom seems to bring this up.

Even as a child, I wanted to know God. The formal approach of the church I was raised in was of no help. Finally, I realized that my desire was to open myself up and develop a personal relationship with this unknown Consciousness, God, in my heart and deep inner being.

I was committed to asking God to guide and inspire me all along the way, and I trusted that what I needed to know would be revealed to me at the right times and places. Some people describe this guidance as synchronicity and intuition.

I married a wonderful man who insisted I go to college. I graduated from Duquesne University and then went on to earn a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law. Thomas Jefferson, who started this school, was one of my models. I thought I would go into law so I could have a good foundation for politics, and thereby be able to change the laws to be more beneficial to all Americans.

I believe firmly in Jefferson’s idea of the pursuit of happiness stated in our Declaration of Independence. I realized “pursuit” did not mean a search for happiness, but rather a career, a pursuit.  With this commitment, I found myself on unexpected, diverse life paths.

I developed and led classes in personal growth for many years. Some of these classes were intense, month-long live-in programs based on a variety of themes of personal growth, such as dream analysis, gestalt therapy, nutrition and well being, meditation and spiritual inquiry.

I also developed a special game, “The All Discovery Game,” led by a facilitator, using a game board and cards. I really enjoy working with this game and seeing the deep, positive changes that  have occurred for hundreds of people. The sessions involve five to seven players who move their tokens around the game board into sections such as Love, Health, Emotions and Relationship. In each section, a player randomly picks cards with relevant questions. The synchronistic process is guided by persons whom I train. The insights and interactions that emerge for people during the workshops is a fabulous way to help them have fun while they discover more about themselves.

I have had two marriages with wonderful men, and the marriages each ended when I had an internal knowing that the relationship had come to a natural finish.

Although I’ve developed and led classes in personal growth for many years, I was guided to stop my public outreach and focus on my own physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Facing myself and coming to know myself more thoroughly was an ongoing and very challenging journey. It took a lot of courage to do this uncomfortable process. During these years, my professional occupation was first as a practicing attorney, and then as a real estate broker. What a fascinating combination of personal input this all provided!


I was blessed when I found my soul mate, Rich Linfield. It is such a delight to be with a man who loves me, understands me and is gung=ho in supporting my ways of living and of looking at life. He values female leadership and realizes that a mental way of living, which tends to be the male approach to life, has left the world in quite a mess. Rich believes that the intuitive, emotion-based feminine approach shall bring true peace and joy to this earth.

Now, it is time for me to share again with others and help adventurers come to know their true selves. I feel passionate about encouraging people to find the true happiness within and to share their happiness with others in myriad personal ways.

I hope that my telling you about myself helps you understand my background and how it has given me the experiences that help me help you. My desire is that you increase your relationship with your own inner happiness. I’m sure that you then will make an even bigger and better contribution to the current world. The world needs you.

The Happiness Way of Life encompasses the many aspects of living. That is why this website, www.WhatIsLoveAndHappiness.com, covers such a broad range of topics. I do trust that you’ll enjoy the happiness journey – it is absolutely fascinating and rewarding!

My soul mate Rich and I passionately base our lives on the truth that there is a loving God, a Divine Consciousness, that helps us learn how to truly love, honor and respect ourselves, and to share that way of life with friends, family and community.

Rich and I have experienced the truth that we all have an inner spirit that loves to help us bring out the best in ourselves. I’m sure that if you choose to travel this rewarding journey, you’ll discover an unstoppable natural happiness that keeps on growing from within.

I understand that there is a lot of difficulty and negativity in the world at this time. The media is rampant with bad news. As for my personal life, I certainly have had many ups and downs, many challenges and difficulties. I could focus on my problems; however, I find from experience that the best way I can improve my life is to focus on the positive, happy side. It works well for me. Would you like to join with me and make the happy side of life become your guiding star?

Everyone has a different mission or purpose. I feel mine is to help people find the beauty, happiness and love within themselves, and then they can more easily share it with others. Rich and I have experienced that a loving way of life constantly streams from focusing on feeling happy within, regardless of what is going on externally.

I am not saying it is easy to stay committed to focusing on happiness in the midst of crisis, busyness and stress. In fact, it was very challenging for me to feel happy in the midst of a bank trying to repossess my home. However, I definitely learned that it’s possible, and fortunately, we are still in our happy home!

I am saying that when I manage, even partially, to focus on happy thoughts and feelings in the midst of stress and overwork and difficulties, I find it is much easier to deal with the problems. Participating in a Positive Conversation Circle makes it easier to stay focused on the positivity in your life.

I’ve discovered that when I keep a positive attitude, my life more easily, almost miraculously, changes in unexpected, beneficial ways. Things work out, and I don’t even have to figure out the “how.” Furthermore, my positive attitude is infectious, and the wider it spreads, the more happiness spontaneously keeps popping up for me and for people I interact with.

Are you committed to stimulating the natural happiness within you?
Do you like spreading happiness messages?
If so, I’d love to work with you!


Welcome Home Ministries, Inc. — Mission & Purpose

            Welcome Home Ministries was founded in 1995 by Rev. Leilani Darling to inspire individuals to come home to their true nature and gain spiritual awareness of the Unconditional Love and Happiness that already resides within them!

Its stated mission is “to promote Unconditional Love as the optimal motivation of our beliefs, thoughts and actions; to be a catalyst for the healing of outdated beliefs; to establish Positive Conversation Circles; and to encourage the development of Positivity Projects designed to help people and society be free of limiting beliefs and to embrace their true spiritual nature.”

The services of this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ministry are supported by generous donations for its outreach activities and positive projects, including:

  • Personal and spiritual growth counseling, trainings and publications
  • Establishing and maintaining Positive Conversation Circles
  • Empowering women in their professional and personal relations
  • Helping teenagers formulate their values
  • Helping men update their beliefs for the new era of positivity
  • Encouraging the inherent American Spirit of individualism and generosity
  • Promoting natural approaches to health and longevity
  • Supporting positive orientation in TV and movies
  • Creating access to tools for self-sufficient living

Thank you for your gracious interest. To read articles written by Leilani, visit www.WhatIsLoveandHappiness.com 

Donations of time and money are welcome!

Contact Rev. Leilani Darling to find out how you can help the mission of Welcome Home Ministries: