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Empowering Tools for a Happier Life for You & Your Loved Ones:

Do you want to find effective ways to fulfill your heart’s desires? Are you like some people, and don’t even know what you really desire? My insightful and challenging articles are only for motivated women and men.Explore how to be deeply happier and experience the health, wellness and success your heart yearns for. Get solutions that work. Here! Now!

 Do You Desire the Hidden Ways To Become:

Happier? Healthier?
Wealthier? More loving?
More confident? Self-reliant?
Spiritually connected? Better in relationships?

If you say “YES,” my approaches unlock powerful ways to attain your desires. Do you want the secret key to wellness, love and happiness?  I won’t beat around the bush. The mysterious secret is emotionally-fueled optimism. 

Quit trying to fix your problems. The path of fixing is a never-ending path. Instead, focus your attention on what’s positive in your life. This unleashes you from the pain. I’ll show you how your optimism aligns you with the most powerful energies available.

Heart-felt optimism is the empowering, practical, effective type of optimism that creates the biggest rewards for you. I am a Spiritual Mastery Specialist, and I’ll show you the many ways you can stop struggling and become the person you choose to be! Say good-bye to the pain and stress. Enjoy experiencing your true powerful self.

These Articles Are Here Now to Help You —

  • Discover true happiness
  • Erase beliefs that hinder your heart’s desires
  • Do a 30-day program guaranteed to enrich your happiness level
  • Unleash the irresistible power of your emotions and attitudes
  • Master a fresh approach to fitness
  • Explore effective new ways for healthy diet and weight
  • Realize that aging is optional
  • Easily reduce toxins in your body and home
  • Make friends with the true American spirit
  • Live a self-reliant lifestyle that’s also “green” 
  • Create paradise now
  • Bring a freshly energized YOU to your day every time you get out of bed!

I am reaching out to us as motivated women and men, and also as Americans. Deep within, it’s natural for you to feel an energizing responsibility to be kind and loving to yourself and others. You want solutions for experiencing desirable inner feelings and outer results.

See coaching videos on her YouTube channel: Leilani Darling.

In the overall picture, I hold the vision that you, as an American, from the depths of your heart, are reclaiming your natural inclinations to be kind and caring. We are a people devoted to positivity, conceived in liberty. Our innate pursuit, our mission, is to unleash the happiness within ourselves and share the overflow with others.

It’s natural that when you feel positive, it’s easier to help others be positive. We like to be good examples to others. Welcome to this challenging, rewarding adventure of creating more love and happiness. 

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Book Announcement

I am a specialist in life-changing breakthroughs that defeat the stress in your life and produce personal and spiritual empowerment. Through my writing and intuitive coaching, I can help you find positive solutions for fulfilling your potential. We can journey together in a cause that spreads love in the world.

Step by step, you can discover how to set free the happiness and love that already resides within. Yes, it’s there, but you have to find and embrace it. Then, as a wonderful side effect, you naturally become a good example and can help others in many ways. As you more thoroughly believe in and experience the power of your own love, you’re inevitably helping to create an excellent world.

Dig into These Articles Loaded with Superb Ways
for You to Get Results in Creating a
Happy, Loving, Eco-Friendly,
Productive, Positive-Thinking, Fulfilling Life. 

Also, join a Positive Conversation Circle of like-minded people who can help you build the life you want. Contact Leilani for info.

Leilani_Blue_PhotoHi, I’m Leilani Darling   

Are you  honestly open to more love and happiness? My lifelong endeavor has been to create rule-breaking ways for personal growth, spirituality and true happiness for myself . It works! I learned by trial and error. Now, I want to share with you. My trainings, seminars and workshops promote unleashing your strengths in positive, powerful ways.

My coaching and consulting for individuals. groups and companies establishes increased positivity. This automatically creates increased productivity.

                                        Positivity = Productivity = Passion = Peace.

The school of hard knocks taught me that love always wins. Some people call me the Love Wins Lady. I’m a Spiritual Mastery Specialist who lives a challenging, blessed and healthy life. Delve into my writing and trainings, and I’ll show you how to go deeper and deeper into being your true self – the new self that is yearning to express.

WhatIsLoveAndHappiness.com is chock full of exciting, inspiring information on a wide and constantly growing variety of important topics. As a start, get my free report: How To Be Happy – The Shocking Truth.

What is happiness for you? The many articles you’ll find here can lead you to unearth your own personal secret of happiness and explore how to align with the power of Unconditional Love. You’ll also find sections of news about products that support positive living and do-it-yourself projects that can increase your happiness quotient. Click here:  Table of Contents.

Thank you for visiting, and welcome home! Welcome to an adventure into a “Happiness Way of Life”!

Do take advantage of hosting or joining a Positive Conversation Circle in your area. Contact Leilani.

You Make the Changes, but Help’s Here For You

In this Health, Wealth and Happiness website, you’ll discover a wide variety of topics for creating a positive lifestyle. You’ll find tips on parenting, decorating, career, volunteerism, helping your community, the real pursuit of happiness, increasing your cash flow, spiritual growth, gardening, green living, better relationships, fitness and more.

By doing the many Happiness Workouts, you can resolve personal issues that bug you, such as stress, damaging beliefs, overwhelm, poor health, and not enough self confidence. You’ll become the positive person you choose to be.

Come back often because I continually add articles and trainings on positivity, happiness, success, life purpose, health, well-being, tips on fitness, healthy eating  recipes, personal growth, emotional health, and many self-improvement projects that help you uncover your strengths.

When  you read the articles a second time, you’ll find new depths to the concepts and new ways to apply the solutions.

If you have questions you would like me to write about, please contact me:

I know that allowing yourself to feel happy and loving more often and more deeply is not always an easy pursuit. We all have many challenges in our lives that set off negative responses. This can easily push us into feeling despondent, frustrated, hassled, lonely, irritated, worried and stressed.

When you find yourself in those negative spaces, you really do have choices as to how long you stay in the stream of negative responses rather than shifting into a more supportive state of mind and emotions. Pick the Positive and stick to it. It works.

You can, step by step, build a road that makes it easier to journey on the positive path. It doesn’t happen overnight. Your tree of life, love and happiness may seem to be growing too slowly, but it continues to grow, particularly when you pay attention to nourishing it. Just stay with it, and sooner or later love wins. Love is definitely the most powerful force in the universe, and women have a talent for tapping into it!

You are complex. You need to have your body, mind and soul on the same path, aligned with supportive, compatible energies. The energy created by negative thinking and the energy created by positive thinking affect you in very different ways. The choice is up to you, and help is here for you.

How kind and caring  you are to yourself and others is always your decision. To learn what truly makes you happy is an ongoing adventure, with new insights all along the way. Using the Happiness Workouts in this Magazine and the training on my YouTube Channel named Leilani Dalring, can make your journey smoother.

In case you’re wondering whether other people want you to be happier, the answer is YES.

WHY? Because when you’re happy, you’re easier to relate to.

Just think about that for a moment. True, isn’t it?

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Beneficial Articles that Get You Results!

The TABS across the top of the page lead you into a world of enticing possibilities and specific topics. You’ll find tips, suggestions, ideas and personal stories about living a happy, loving life. Roam around this Loving Living Magazine. Do you want a challenging and expansive approach to your life? Perusing this magazine provides tools for you to do this.

Click on the articles in the Table of Contents to find a wide and growing variety of articles covering topics that all work together to increase your ability to experience a life that keeps on getting more happy.

Dig through these articles. Ponder them, use them, be inspired by them. Ask me questions about the information you find here. I’m presenting you with a universe of great ideas to spark your enthusiasm.

We each face the practical challenge of learning how to experience more joy. Right now, you can click directly through to the section: Happiness Workouts. There you’ll find very solid ideas for creating true happiness in your life. Enjoy.

See coaching videos on my YouTube channel: Leilani Darling.

My mission is to provide an ongoing, growing message that encourages you to allow yourself to become happier. Do come back often and visit WhatIsLoveAndHappiness.com.

I have a special message for women — a message that focuses on female empowerment. I encourage women to join the WomanThrive Movement that enables them to let go of limited versions of themselves and become the positive leaders of family and community that they truly are. For starters, read my articles on the Women & Positivity tab.


As you move through this happiness journey, this wellness adventure, you’ll discover and experience more about who you are and what you feel passionate about. You’ll naturally become more committed to being true to yourself, and then you can truly help others.

Allowing yourself to feel happy just naturally unleashes your own loving nature. Happiness and Love – what the world needs now. This mission is both serious and lighthearted, both simple and challenging.

From experience, I guarantee this information will help you understand true wellness and happiness. Your options improve and expand. You’ll tap into your emotions, which are an underappreciated powerhouse, a source of amazing energy.

Try out the many natural and effective ways to improve your health and well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.

Explore, Enhance, Expand, Experience,
Enliven and Energize your Life!

Your happiness will blossom as you work with the many ideas and product sources I keep presenting. The beneficial results are numerous! You’ll have access to some of the best ways to build a happy body, a happy mind and a happy home for yourself. There’s a Happiness Quiz for you to take, and a thirty-day project with inspiring Happiness Messages for you to implement in your life.

It’s a joy to discover more about who you truly are. If you’re not sure you’ll like what you find inside you, just keep going deeper. You’ll learn to trust, love and accept yourself.

It’s amazing and liberating to learn that when you don’t feel happy, it’s because your true self has been clouded over with the cares of daily life.

You’ll come to realize that your True Self is always a positive, happy self.

Discovering this is an enlightening, eye-opening, heart-opening experience.

Welcom Home to your True Self. Once you begin to know your True Self better, you can then share your new-found happiness, love and enthusiasm with others. It just takes commitment and trusting yourself. Everybody wins.

Are you open to the happiness adventure? You will definitely be on a fun, challenging and rewarding journey. When you commit to uncovering your True Self, you’ve truly come home.

Welcome Home!

Come back many times to visit. You’ll be glad you rewarded yourself.

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How To Be Happy – The Shocking Truth.

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Take action and participate in this Love and Happiness Outreach!
Spread the word – tell your friends and family.

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Love Wins. Join the Happiness Way of Life.
You deserve it. The world deserves it.

Leilani is the author of the God Is Love Series and the founder and director of the WomanThrive Movement. Leilani is a trailblazer in revealing the impact of positivity. She demonstrates how the habit of choosing the positive ensures that your life will never be the same. As your “Love Wins” coach, she helps you find and fulfill your own personal destiny.To apply for a free trial session, click here

Leilani Darling

Spiritual Mastery Specialist

Ordained Interfaith Minister and Non-denominational Christian Minister